It’s not easy – Jumper in La Habana

Havana, Cuba, Tuesday, January 25, 2011

”If I jump I will kill myself, but if I do not jump I will die”. Ernesto, a 22-year-old Cuban sportsman who does not have access to a pool with a trampoline, or a platform, practices swim jumping by diving into the sea from the sea rocks of La Habana, under the watchful eye of his dog.

Ernesto, who jumps for pleasure and because he “feels the impulse from within” trains regularly with a group of friends. They compete with each other, to see who makes the most complicated jump in a more academic way.

The jump to the sea from El Malecón promenade requires not only a great Technical ability, and a formidable physical form, if not of great courage, Since it is carried out in the race and must coincide with a wave that avoids the Contact with the rocks.