How can I register?
The application must be submitted electronically via the registration form that you will find at www.fcbarcelona.photoawards.com, precisely following the directions. There is no need to send anything by mail.

How many photos can I send?
If you decide to appear in the category of the Award of an Individual Image, you may only produce one image. If, however, you decide to appear in the category Award for Creation of a Photographic Project, you must attach 15 to 20 reference images of your work.

Can I present in both categories?
No. You must select one of them.

May I produce more than one project in the Award for Creation of a Photographic Project category?
No. If you choose this category you may only present one project.

If I presented individually to any of the two categories and also formed part of a team, can the team include me in the group in the event that it is present to any of the two categories of the competition?
No. You can only participate in one of the two categories.

How can I make sure my photographs have been received?
When you submit the entry form, you will receive an email to the address you wrote, confirming receipt of your entry form.

I cannot upload my photos, what I can do?
Make sure that you have correctly followed each step, and in the case that you cannot do so, write to info.photoawards@fcbarcelona.cat to receive personalized attention.

If I am not selected, can my photos be used by the organization of the competition?
No. All of the data, information and documentation of those who are not chosen finalists will be cancelled and cannot be used in any case by the organizers of the competition.

Can I participate with a photograph that has been published or used for commercial purposes, even if it has not been awarded?

If I appear in the category of the Award of an Individual Image, must I write a very detailed description of the image I send?
The maximum length of the description of the image must be 400 words.

If I am not selected, will I be notified?
Yes. Once the jury’s decision has been made and the winners of both categories are made known, participants will receive an email of notification.

The rights of my work are managed by a Copyright entity, will they receive any compensation for them should this be a winner/finalist?
No. By participating you accept that, in the case of being a finalist or a winner, the organizers will not remunerate or pay any entity that manages your rights.

Can I submit a photo project that is already completed or nearly completed?
You cannot submit a project if it is already finished. You can do so if the project is nearing completion, but if you win you must accredit it during the joint work that you will do along with Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, who will be monitoring the project.

Can I present a photo or a photographic project whose images, despite not being published or awarded, are found available on my personal website or the website of my agency, gallery or team?

Can I submit a photo project that has already been published in part?
No, the photographic project must not have been published in whole or in part, nor exposed previously in whole or in part, nor have received any award, help or subsidy from any institution, private or public.

What is the world limit for the photo captions on the photos that accompany my project?
The maximum length of the description of each photo is 100 words.

If I have any other doubts that need covering, who can I contact?
You can write in English, Spanish or Catalan at info.photoawards@fcbarcelona.cat

Should I become the winner and/or finalist in any of the categories of the awards, is the prize subject to any tax retention?
The theme of the Awards in both categories (the Individual Image Award and the Award for Carrying out a Photography Project) is the universal values of sport and its positive impact on society. All monetary amounts established as Prizes in these regulations shall be gross in nature. FCB shall apply to the same all compulsory retentions pursuant to applicable tax law.