Foto Colectania is a non-profit organisation founded in Barcelona in 2002 with the aim of spreading photography and making it known in the social, artistic and educational environment of our country (Registration number: 1554).

The programs which are carried out, from exhibitions to activities and publications, among others, rely on the creation of an innovative project, one that is participatory and inclusive, that focuses on thinking around an image and its suitability to generate critical thinking.

Colectania especially works on two levels: firstly, in the context of the city of Barcelona, presenting a cultural offering of quality which strives for excellence; and secondly, in the international context, producing and disseminating projects by Catalan and Spanish artists worldwide.

Its headquarters in the city centre houses one of the largest collections of photography in our country, as well as an exhibition hall and a library specialising in photography.

Foto Manel Armengol ©