Since its inception, the companies forming AGBAR have continued to evolve in order to be closer to the citizens they serve. Today, AGBAR continues transforming and committing itself to moving towards a more sustainable model for the management of resources based on developing people in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible way.

As a company with a global presence and the capacity to make an impact through local involvement, AGBAR shares with FC Barcelona the will and determination to use its knowledge responsibly while promoting projects that help improve the world around us.

AGBAR and FC Barcelona are convinced that only together can we have a more direct impact on the quality of life and well-being of communities. It is an opportunity and a responsibility that both entities share and are eager to develop.

And that is why AGBAR wants to work with the FCBARCELONA PHOTO AWARDS project, as an initiative that, from a local level, aims to spread worldwide a message of hope and optimism through the intrinsic values of sport, values shared by both FC Barcelona and AGBAR.


AGBAR is a renowned business group founded in 1867. Based in Barcelona, AGBAR manages water in cities across Europe, the Americas, and Africa with the aim of improving quality of life while maintaining environmental equilibrium.

AGBAR is a global leader in water sector solutions and technologies, serving society with the experience it has accumulated throughout its history and creating value for its shareholders. AGBAR’s values focus on innovation, sustainable activity, promoting dialogue, local development, and community involvement in order to promote development and, thereby, partnerships that expand and improve everyone’s access to water.